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* My J0uRna| *

...We|c0me t0 mY cRaZy Life *

5/25/06 10:21 pm

Hey Everyone!
i'm moved over in Tennessee now! and it kinda sucks caz i'm gonna miss all of my friends! i cried on the last day, it was soo sad =( but it's kinda fun caz me and caitlin went to the mall today and got a bunch of clothes it was kewl!* but yea...i'm so sad shew gaw!* but i'll be at the pool some this summer with caitlin! so that'd be kewl i guess* but i gotta get a bikini...lol* but anywayz caitlin fell asleep on me. =( lol*

RandUm Th0ughtZ!* :
i don't have a bed yet! lol *
pink is sexxi * like alwayZ will be
summer is like totally hurr man! * =)
my stomache hurts =(
sad!! =(
listening to musiC *
Bored * and Tired *

But anywayZ i'm out *
comment me!
peace *

5/16/06 05:22 pm

Hey Everyone! Gosh i had soo much fun today. The 7th grade got to go to Mr. BarkerZ today and it was like freakin' awesomE!* His house is like so big * We mainly just walked around and stuff but it was fun tho* Tayler and Caitlin got me hooked up with someone while we were there! But he'Z kewl* I like him alot tho =) Hehe.

RandUM ThingZ!:

i'm taKeN * =)
ListeNinG to One Wish *
Found out Joe cheated on Caitlin * eww gaw!
Caitlin likeZ someone else! Hehe
PinK is sexxI *
summer'Z almosT hurr! Heck Yes Baby* lol
Now listeNinG to Mrs. New Booty! Hehe

t a K e N * MaY 16, 2006 <333

c o m m e N t *

5/7/06 08:46 pm

(Phone ringing at Mandy's house)

Mandy: Hello

Austin: Hey Baby Girl, how is it going?

Mandy: Alright, u?

Austin: Pretty good, so are u still up for the movie?

Mandy: Im sorry i can't go, i promised my little sister that i would take her out to eat today.

Austin: That sucks

Mandy: Im really truly sorry

Austin: Its all right, so can you tomorrow then?

Mandy: I cant, sorry, i have to go with Alyssa and her boyfriend to the mall.

Austin: U know, it seems like u have been avoiding me this past few days. First u cant go out to dinner with me because u have a paper due, then u cant come over because u are to tired, and today during passing periods u totally ignored me. I had something i wanted to give to u.

Mandy: Im sorry, im not trying to avoid you

Austin: U know what, I'll just talk to you later, im going out for a drive. Love you!

Mandy: Im Sorry

Austin: Oh by the way, i bet u dont even know what today is.(hangs up the phone)

Couple of hours later Mandy came back home and found a gift along with a card for her on the kitchen table. She opens the gift and finds a beutiful necklace, then she opens the card and reads:

"Happy 5th anniversary, I love You!
P.S: I'm sorry for the way i acted over the phone."

Mandy takes up her gift and the card up to her room and goes to sleep.

***1 am in the morning***:

(phone rings at Mandys house)

Mandy: Hello

Austin's brother: Hey mandy, my brother got in a car accident and is in the hospital. Apparently he was going over to your house because he wanted to give u a little note he wrote for u

Mandy: OMG!!! please could you pick me up and take me there?

Austin's brother: Ya, ill be over in a 10 minutes.

***10 minutes later***

Austin's brother picks her up and takes her to the hospital. When they get there she goes straight to Austins room where the doctors are putting a blanket over his face. His parents are crying. His mom walks up to Mandy and hands her a note.

Mom: Here i think this is for u

Mandy opens the letter and reads:

"I love you"

I love your smile
I love your kisses
I love your sensibility
I love your hair
I love your touch
I love your smell
I love your warm hugs
I love everything about you

I love you

Never forget that

p.s: with out you I would DIE!"

(Mandy then starts crying and collapses on top of his body.)

Mandy: (crying and in a whisper) I'm sorry, I love u, please come back.

c0mmeNt 0n tHiS *
peaCe =)

5/6/06 08:52 pm

Hey!* sup everyone ?? well this weekend is like the boringest weekend ever! Caz i'm grounded eww* It makes me mad. Haha well sorry Destinne i couldn't come to your party! I hope yah had lots of funn! Happy late Birthday & Love Yah!* well that's all that happened*

RandUm ThingZ!*:

Bored! ughh* =/
listenin' to Fresh Azimiz* lol
I think Kesha likes someone else* Hehe
well...Kayla LoveZ Levi! awwee*
Caitlin LoveZ Joe* =)
I made a new Buddy! BRANDON! Love Yah!! lol
gettin' a new bikiNi next weekenD * =)
Josh Tabor is my Buddy too! Love Yah! lol
uhmm...Destinee's 13! lol
Today's Saturday! =/
I'm Grounded till' next weekend * Thank God
Pink is SexxI *

well i guess i'm out!

5/1/06 04:49 pm - Hello!!! lol*

Sup Everyone ??

well we got yearbooks today! haha =)

Rand0m Things!:

pink is sexxi! =)
Kesha has a crush on someone!
Kayla Loves Levi Alot! awwee*
Caitlin Loves Joe! awwee*
Idk who i Love! =(
I'm single baby! Holla*

Do Yah think pink is sexxi ??

well i'm out mich Love!


4/30/06 05:05 pm

Hey! what's up everyone ?? OMG i had an awesome weekend!

Friday: Caitlin came home with me and we took showers and got ready we went back to her house, then we went to wal-mart we walked around in there for a few minutes then we went back to her house..lol Then her mom took us to wal-mart again...lol and to the park! Omg it was so funny caz ya know those trash cans down there well caitlin goes look there's Dezray Yates! haha* we watched some dudes down there play tennis..it was eli, jacob, tanner, bryson and some other dudes! lol* well then we went back to her house again haha! then we were in caitlin's room taking some pics. haha then her brother came in and was like do yall wanna go to wal-mart well we said yepp...so we went to wal-mart again!!! 3 times haha* when we were in there we walked around with Lauren Whittaker...haha it was fun! we also went to this place to help her brother out for his g/f haha it was kewl too! then we went back to her house again and played video games with her brother...haha i lost tho lol* then we went to bed!* =)

Saturday: we were still at caitlin's house and we got up and went outside to jump on the trampoline haha it was fun!* then we went to my house...it was awesome we got to ride in the back of the truck!! it was windy lol* when we got to my house we jumped on the trampoline then listened to some music...we got online and i talked to Cole some =) awwee!!! we stayed up like half the night then we went to bed haha!*

Sunday: we got up at like 12:00 and ate haha then we went outside and jumped some then we layed out in the sun!! haha we got burnt a little..lol but it was fun tho OMG when we were jumping this bee started chasing us haha so we ran and jumped off the trampoline lol* it was soo funny! then she had to go home...shew and now i'm bored as heck but i'm out! peace * =)

Random Things!:

me and caitlin are bestest buddies =) lol*
pink is sexxi *
i love you cole * =)
caitlin loves his friend *
dezray's a ho* lol
i hate her...haha*
i'm listening to Rodeo by Juvenile =) ((( Do The Rodeo )))
Jessica Simpson is my idle!*
i'm chewing green Orbit gum! haha

well anywayz i'm out!

4/12/06 05:33 pm

Hey Everyone!*

Shew it's been awhile since my update...lol* well anywayz nothing much has happened since then but it's finally Spring Break! Yay* But here's some bad news... i'm moving to Tennessee caz of my Mom, but it'll be Kewl i guess caz the school i'm going to gets out at 2:30! =) hehe but i'm gonna miss all of my Buddies aww it's so sad!* Oh yeah Sunday is Kayla's Birthday, but she's gonna have a party on Saturday. =)
Oh My Gosh when me, Kayla, and Kesha get together...shew we are so so crazY!* But they are my buddies and i love em' to death! Haha* Also i give my bestest wishes for (( Kayla & Jon ))aww...their soo cutE together! lol* Als0 (( Hannah & Michael )) aww!* And then for (( Caitlin & Joe )) How cute ?? lol* well i guess that's it i'm gonna go! PEACE *

4/2/06 03:59 pm - Hey Every0nE *

Hey Everone!!!* this is my 2nd update in this new thing haha well anyways this weekend has been so boring...but i'm going somewhere next weekend and like Oh My Gosh tomorrow is a half day...i'm so excited!!! lol* well anyways i'm like so bored...i talked to Kesha earlier but she had to go Haha!! and now i'm on icq talking to some more of my buddies!!! well anyways i have to go and work on this thingy for Mrs. Roberts... =/


3/12/06 07:25 pm - * a New LiveJ0urNa| * =)

`Hey Every0ne, i fina||y made me a new Livejourna| and i am s0 very haPpY !!!* Caz i rea||y didn't |ike mY 0ther 0ne that we|| but anYwaYs i am |ike s0 b0red *

* FriDaY *: umm, i came h0me and g0t 0n icq and |istEned t0 s0me muSic* 0h YeaH and i watCheD High Sch00| MusiCa|...0h My G0sh i |0ve thaT m0viE s0 MucH aNd i als0 d0ne thAt DanCe Al0nG ThinGy thAt wEnt a|0nG witH tHe M0vie !!!* <3 it Was a|0t 0f FuN !!!*

* SaTurDaY *: we||... i w0ke uP aNd g0t rEadY aNd mE aNd m0m weNt crUsin' ar0und, it wAs s0 FuN aCc0rdInG thAt wE nEvEr speNd anY tiMe t0geTheR. But aNywaYs wE weNt t0 T0pS & B0tT0mS aNd i g0t a peAr 0f Cr0cs...Oh My GosH thEy Are s0 awes0me aNd tHe Best paRt tHeY ArE PiNk !!!* ThEn wE weNt t0 MauriCes iN N0rt0n anD i g0t a nEw 0utFit* =) TheN wE weNt t0 Wa|-MaRt aNd b0ugHt s0me gr0ceRieS* We als0 wEnt t0 thE m0viEs aT 7:00 d0wN iN C0ebuRn aNd wE sAw "ThE Hi||s HaVe EyeS" ...It wAs a reA||y Kew| m0viE !!! * AnD thEn i CamE h0mE anD tA|kEd t0 Kay|a 0n heRe s0me * it wAs Kew|*

* SuNdAy *: we|| t0daY i w0ke uP ar0und 1:00 aNd g0t 0n hEre aGaiN aNd ta|kEd t0 Kay|a s0me m0re !!!* Me aNd hEr ta|k al0t bUt i |0vE HeR* L0|.

...BuT i aM 0uT |iKe w0Ah* |ata
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